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Lalabas ang mga susunod na detalye...


Hello from Sinemasal.

This is Enes from Istanbul, Turkey.

I'm the founder and dreamer of Sinemasal.

As a person who is coming himself from the village.

I started Sinemasal with a dream in 2007.


Sinemasal means cinema and fairy tale.

We bring cinema and all colours of art to the children in rural villages.


Majority of children do not even have access to cinema or any type of art.

We believe this is not fair. And together, we can change this.


I would like to show you a short video about Sinemasal experience:

Big Sinemasal dream started in 2007 and the festivals started in 2013.

We took cinema to more than 4,192,000 children so far. 87% of these children experienced cinema for the first time (46 cities).


As a result of the impact of Sinemasal created, it received support from both local and global community:


- Selected as one of the best 10 social ventures in The Middle East by Harvard University and MIT Media Lab (2015)


- Selected as one of the best 20 social ventures in the world by International Youth Foundation (2014)


-  Selected The Newest and the Most Successful Festival Concept by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2014) (100th Year of Turkey’s Cinema Special Prize)


- Selected The Most Extensive Youth Project by Republic of Turkey Ministry of EU Affairs (2013)

(Selected among 717 projects over the years 2004 to 2013)

We have 4 different project under Sinemasal: Film Festival, MiniFest, Sinemasal Tuesday, Sinemasal Academy.


In 2024, 12th Sinemasal Film Festival will be held in Thrace Region to meet with more than 100.000 children there with volunteers from 41 countries.


You can find more details about Sinemasal and our projects in Turkish on the other pages.


We want to keep working until every child in the world will experience the magic of cinema.


And we need your support...


Kind regards,

Let's (keep) dreaming together!

Enes Kaya

Founder, Head of Dreamers | Sinemasal

* When you see a movie even for the first time, it's a change to go somewhere you've never been. *

enes kaya.JPG

Enes Kaya | Social Entrepreneur


Enes Kaya is a mathematician, sociologist, art director, film producer, festival organizer, worldwide traveler, professional camper, cycling enthusiast, a social entrepreneur and the founder of Sinemasal, Dream Chasers and New Saga. He is a Generational Ambassador in partnership with Harvard University and MIT and a TEDx Speaker.


Enes Kaya has worked in cinema, advertising and TV series for many years, and has organized projects in 76 provinces and hundreds of villages in Turkey. He founded Sinemasal in 2012. Sinemasal, meaning cinema and fairy tale, is a social venture that enables children in rural areas to experience cinema and all colors of art. Over 4,192,000 children and their families have experienced culture and arts due to his cinematic festivals. His goal is to share with as many kids as possible the exciting moment of watching your first movie in the cinema - “You watch a movie and your life changes... If a child changes the world changes!”


Talk to Him About: Your dreams, festivals, event organization, travelling, camping, cycling, design thinking and art.


Funny Fact: He lives in his office.

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